Florida's Best Beaches

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★ Sand, surf, and sun in the Sunshine State ★

Turquoise and emerald waters along powdery white sand beaches. Fishing villages and cosmopolitan downtowns with a stiff sea breeze. Nearly 900 miles of sparkling sands just waiting for your beach umbrella. Florida is defined by its beaches, and with good reason. Our shoreline wraps for 1,800 miles from Fernandina Beach to Perdido Key. Along this length youll find rocky shorelines with tidal pools, living coral reefs, and massive estuaries that serve as nurseries for sea life. With so many miles to choose from, where should you start?

Written by Sandra Friend, author of 14 guides to hiking and travel in Florida, this app provides not just a guide to Floridas beaches, but the best reasons to visit them. Looking for a laid-back spot? Just check that category. Need to be more cosmopolitan? No problem. Categories point out the best beaches for scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, camping, and more. Theres even categories for beaches with funky geology - yes, Florida has sea caves - as well as wild shores and secret shores, the ones you wont find unless you know exactly how.

More than 150 beaches are featured, with compelling photography showcasing the delights of each one. The "About" section addresses the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and its effect on some of Floridas beaches, as well as practical information on beach plants, sea turtle nesting, beach dangers, and the different kinds of sand and rock found on Floridas coasts.

The authors selections are based on personal visits to the featured beaches. Readers are welcome to submit their favorite beaches through the comments section and leave tips for fellow travelers on what theyve found while exploring Floridas beaches.

★ About the Author ★

Since toddling down the sands of Palm Beach at age three, Sandra Friend has loved Floridas beaches, particularly the wild and unusual shores. An award-winning author with more than 25 books published in addition to apps, Sandra is best known for connecting travelers with nature through her writing and photography. She lives in Ocala - about as far in Florida from a beach as you can get - but right in the epicenter of hiking, which she shares with readers at www.floridahikes.com.

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